Realty Investment Corp. of America is a real estate brokerage unlike any other.  We are a comprehensive firm covering all aspects of the investment process from start to finish, and then again when you come back for your next deal.  The majority of our investors approached us because they were referred to us by a friend or family member of a current client.  Our clients come from all backgrounds and have included congresspersons, judges, doctors, accountants, bankers, attorneys, teachers, and virtually everyone in our office. 

We believe very strongly in supporting the community in which we do business and areas nearby.  We are proud to be founders of the KBDA (Kensington Business District Association).  You can find out more about our community involvement at:

Another benefit of our heavy involvement in the community is that it allows us to predetermine shifts in the market that would affect the performance of our projects in the different locales.  For example, new legislative measures, tax increases, or areas where commerce is going to be affected could all be monitored by regular attendance of town/county meeting and consistent contact with local officials.  

RIC has evolved over the years and has formed a couple sister companies RIMC (Realty Investments Mortgage Company) and RPI (Realty Preservation Incorporated) which both operate under the same roof.  The sole purpose of these companies is to provide the much needed services you would normally need to go elsewhere to find.  Instead, we offer everything in-house!